Saturday, October 28, 2006

"From Grass to Cows to Milk to Cheese..." (Gubbeen)

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Region: West Cork, Ireland
Milk: cow milk

[Last week, our local public radio show "Good Food" aired an interview with Chris Pollan, cheese guru and proprietor of The Silverlake CheeseShop. Among other things, Chris suggested listeners explore a few overlooked gems, including Gubbeen. This made me very happy, as this cheese has become a kind of staple in my household. In fact, many months and several cheese wedges later, it seemed as though I could not keep it around long enough to capture it for The Cheese Project. Finally!]

The winter season has most definitely found it's way to my, savory and "cozy" foods seem all the more appealing. Gubbeen is a pungent, deep, and musty kind of cheese and although it packs a punch
(the name stems from the Gaelic word "gobin", which means "small mouthful"), its flavor is also full of depth and subtlety. It is a washed-rind, semi-soft cheese made by Tom and Giana Ferguson, who are fifth-generation producers. They have an incredibly beautiful and informative website definitely worth checking out, (

If you would like to hear the entire "Good Food" interview, it is available via Podcast (


Blogger tannaz said...

hey naomi - thanks for stopping by! and a whole blog devoted to cheese. good lord. (great photos, too by the way -- mouthwatering)

this post solves one of the mysteries of the cheese map project -- how come there's a connection between irish 'gobin' and hebrew/arabic 'gvina'/'gibn'? looks like there's not. who knew? apparently you did =)

10:33 PM  
Blogger the cheese project said...

..thanks Tennaz!

2:07 PM  

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