Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Life Well Lived (Bucheron)

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Region: France
Milk: goat milk

Like many things, I was drawn to this product for its incredible beauty. (Many of you know that I am a self-described package whore, consistently willing to buy most anything if the exterior is well-designed.) My perception has always been that cheese is incredibly deceptive in this category, but I recently read in "The Cheese Primer" that it is entirely possible to figure out the character of the cheese according to its cover. I am quite sure this comment was specifically about the cheese itself, and not the paper, foil or waxed, falling in love with the look of Bucheron, only to find that its interior was just as gratifying as the exterior made this bit of knowledge all the more exciting. What's more is that while many goat cheeses fall flat and leave no mystery, Bucheron satisfies the senses. Pure white, it has a delicate and refined quality. Creamy at the edges and dry towards the center, it crumbles to the touch. Its flavor... fresh, tangy and cool, melts on the tongue. It is amazingly satisfying on its own, but I prefer it on a warm summer night, glass of white in hand and shared with an assortment of friends.


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