Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Bloomy Romance (Adrahan)

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Region: County Cork, Ireland
Milk: Cow

I am in love....there, I said it.
This cheese has all of my favorite qualities (sublimely refined, yet rough around the edges. Stands out in a crowd, but gets along well with others. Tasteful, but definitely not conservative).
Unmistakably charming, you too, will fall under its spell. Try taking it to a party and introducing it to your friends. Savor tender moments over a romantic picnic. Bring it home to meet the parents! ...won't let you down, I swear.


Anonymous claire said...

i would like to share a cheese with the audience - a recommendation deserving of a review by the so eloquent founder of the cheese project :
epoisses de bourgogne (i was introduced to it simply as epoisses, the really smelly and stinky, but inspired to do a bit of research on my own, came across the official name) interesting to note that l'epoisses did not survive WWII, but thanks to a certain M. Berthaut, production was re-introduced in the 50's. per the name, it is but of course french of the cow varietal. i present a challenge - find it here in LA and experience for yourself...
i await your review!

3:23 PM  

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