Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Reign in Spain....

If you are particularly fond of Spanish cheeses, you might want to check out this site:
It is an overview of cheese varieties, producers, as well as a few organized by the Trade Comission of Spain. There is much detail about which regions the cheeses derive from, the associated animal breeds and landscape, and the process utilized...making this a great agriculturally-oriented resource.

Friday, April 06, 2007

"The Union of Want and Sentiment"

About a month ago, I decided to attend a wine / cheese pairing class at The Beverly Hills Cheese Store. Somewhere between my second or third glass of wine, in combination with my after-work fatigue...I found myself intensely distracted. Chalky-white goat cheese pyramids stacked high above the countertops; Crumbling Stiltons, with caverns of blue; Massive wheels of Pecorino and Romano, finely decorated with metallic foils; Fresh, delicate leaves wrapped around tiny morsels; These are just a few of the sights from that evening.....

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A World, Defined

(map courtesy of

The true beauty of the internet is that one's passion for the particular is knowingly shared by others. Weeks ago, I discovered this incredible drawing on a fellow blogger's webpage. It is a map of various, albeit abstracted regions of the world, and the word for "cheese" in the respective languages. On her blog, Tennaz describes creating this map with five co-workers during a lunchbreak (...we should all be so productive). She also provides this wonderful link:
Thanks Tennaz!